about sliqua enterprise hosting

the last hosting company you'll ever need

we are passionate about customer service

Our team strives to go above and beyond the call of duty. Hosting websites like yours is our business, and it is our goal to see your site succeed online. We have the resources available to scale your website without downtime. And we stand ready to support you 24x7.

Unlike most hosting providers, support is handled directly by battle-scarred web hosting engineers. Have an emergency? No problem, live phone support is avaliable 24x7 to assist you. Sick of dealing with incompetent support? In our business, there is no such thing as support tiers or endless on-holds. While it's impossible to promise instant fixes, we empower each of our support staff with the knowledge they need to get the job done right the first time.

we grow with our Customers

Sliqua started hosting websites for a select group of customers in 2002, and their success was our lifeblood until we opened our doors to the public in 2006. We put a lot of time and resources into helping our customers become successful online, because we realize that our success is dependent on theirs.

The sliqua server environment

Utilize one of the most stable shared hosting packages on the market, the InterWorx Cluster Panel. This system was built from the ground up with scalability in mind, and has the ability to do load-balanced clustering

In addition to the packages provided by the InterWorx team, we have created our own set of packages which have been fine-tuned based on our customers' needs. This includes everything from Hardened PHP to security packages such as ModSecurity, suPHP, and Suhosin. We also perform quarterly vulnerability assessments of our servers and network to ensure our customers are protected from malicious attacks.

Our Domain Name System (DNS) is hosted on a global Anycast-enabled network. This means that websites load quickly worldwide, and domains continue to resolve critical services such as e-mail (MX) records even in the event of our servers or facility going down.

Our Clustered Mail platform replicates critical email data across three datacenters to ensure constant avaliability. Off-site backups are also performed with a two week data retention, so you'll never loose that important message.

comprehensive monitoring

We're performance freaks. Most people think in minutes, seconds, or even hours - we think in mille-seconds. And to that end, we utilize many performance monitoring tools.

Through a strategic partnership with the Panopta Monitoring Network, we are able to monitor every service on our network remotely at a 60 second interval from over 30 locations worldwide. This means we know about even the smallest server or network outage and can respond immediately. Our techs receive an e-mail within a minute, and if the issue is not resolved within 10 minutes, our lead technicians are called.

dedication to the open source community

Despite popular belief, most hackers are honest and hard-working people. In fact, the majority of the software tools we use for hosting websites are created by hackers working on open source projects such as PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc.

We are very strong supporters of Open Source. Sliqua has sponsored Oceanius, a community of IT Professionals, since we were founded in 2002. In addition, we have sponsored projects such as Radio Statler!, a live stream from 2600's Hackers on Planet Earth conference in NYC.

Does your Open Source project need assistance? Contact us today and we will do our best to help.